Our Story

Each day begins with the lighting of charcoal on our mangal, and the firing up of the clay oven. In the calmness of the morning our chefs spend hours roasting off aubergines before stripping the hot smokey flesh from inside the charred skin, adding the creamiest tahini we can buy, lemon juice, extra virgin olive & seasoning, for the best babaganus you will find.  

We prepare fresh dough using only the best flour available, leaving the yeast to work its magic, but keeping the dough a little cooler to ensure the thinnest, crispiest pide base possible when service comes.   

Dried broad beans are braised in mirepoix for hours over charcoal in an earthenware pot, creating the depth of flavour and freshness in our fava humus. A traditional dish we learnt first hand how to prepare from the Usta’s of Hatay Turkey.   

We are proud of sourcing the very best produce we can find, with our organic lamb and beef reared by Rhug Farm in Wales and where we know their animals are fed on green pastures and enjoy a more natural habitat.  Our chicken is reared by Capestone Organic in Wales, supplied direct from farm to our table fresh and ready for marinating.     

We discuss with the Rhug butcher different cuts for a new dish on our menu, to ensure we can achieve the best results of flavour and tenderness, it’s about partnership. With the neck fillet of lamb ready now on the menu, we butcher and marinate the meat in sundried pepper salca, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, and all spice. With every dish comes a detailed recipe perfected and learnt by heart over time, because the small details make a big difference.  

Lush fresh herbs of dill, parsley, mint and tarragon are finely chopped, fresh and ready for the evening service. All our fruit and vegetables are delivered daily from the markets in London by AB Fruits of Bedfordshire and our fresh sustainably sourced mackerel is delivered each morning by MSC certified Stickleback Fish Co based in Hertfordshire.     

Our baldo pilav rice (a hybrid of arborio grown in Turkey as it is also in Italy) is coated in warm butter in a pan just before service, and gently toasted giving the amazing nutty rich flavour. Vegetable stock is added and left to simmer gently allowing the rice to soak up the flavoursome juices, giving the amazing creamy texture we love so much. And our Baklava perfected since the opening days of Tabure is put into the clay oven, with layers of filo, filled with ground walnuts, and coated in butter, before being soaked in hot cane sugar syrup we have been proudly serving over the years.     

Tahini pays homage to the Usta’s of the old Kebab and Pide salons of Istanbul, where local provenance is still a given, and where small details matter, and experience counts for everything. Our menu reflects our own childhood growing up on the Aegean coast of Turkey, of spices from the levantine, and sun ripened produce from the Mediterranean.    

And after a long, hard day’s work it always ends with the glowing, dying embers, in the knowledge that tomorrow we will repeat the process all over again. That is the essence of Tahini.